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Ashley Olsen

My life

Ashley Fuller Olsen
13 June
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My name is Ashley. I have a twin sister named Mary-kate. We were born on June 13th 1986 in Sherman Oaks, CA to David and Jarnette Olsen. My career started when I was a baby, my parents took me and my sister to a audition for the part of Michelle Tanner on 'Full House'. And we got it. We shared the role, really we did. I've grown up as a celebrity. I'm now currently a model/actress. Now that I'm 18, I want to be separated as 'Mary-kate and Ashley' or 'The Olsen Twins'. I hate being referred to as 'The Olsen Twins' we're two completly different people. Sure we have look alike and half a few things in common, but you don't see me walking around calling people names. I want to do something different. I wanna be my own person, and be known as 'Ashley Olsen'. All I'm asking for is a little independency.